The Mainstream Official releases the single ”Part of the problem” as the first in a series of singles on the theme of resistance.

”Our organization begins where we are free, on the dance floor,” says the duo about their music.

Play The Mainstream Official on a dance floor, at a demonstration, or at a high volume in your headphones while you’re out running. It makes you feel carried away and that you are part of something bigger.

“We are either part of the problem

or part of the solution”

The Mainstream Official is the club music duo that transforms the dance floor into a politically pumping fight song. House, electro and hardstyle with lyrics about a world without national borders and property rights, in simple melodies that make the listener want to sing along. The Mainstream Official consists of Saga and Nicola who, with roots in Sweden, Germany and Italy, have toured in Europe and the Middle East since 2014 under various names. After living for a few years in different countries, the duo has started creating music again and will release 5 singles in 2022 and 2023.

In addition to making music, The Mainstream Official also creates theater performances and is currently performing at the Teatrul du Nord in Romania, as well as at festivals in Italy and Germany.